Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sample of Chef Baini's Work

Buttercream Cupcakes
Here are some buttercream cupcakes. They have a different textural quality and a flavour that is rich and creamy. As you can see, the possibilities are as numerous as fondant icing cupcakes and no less attractive, too.

Oval Sugarbox
This sugarbox resembles a 'songkok'. It is much larger than the normal sugarboxes. It can be used as a hantaran vessal for bigger gifts.

Fondant Embroidery
This one is a fondant coated prunecake that has a textile look, complete with embroidery highlights, that give it an understated elegance. Our client requested this concept for the engagement of her beloved son.

This is a buttercream covered buttercake that was very laborious to craft. Fortunately, the results as well worth the effort.

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