Saturday, December 19, 2009

Little Chef Class at Bagus Taman Melawati Dec 18, 2009

Today is Little Chef Day!

All chefs start out small,
Before one can run, one must crawl,
 One day they'll grow to be Big n' Tall.
Big or small, Chef Baini loves you all!

(3 Little Chefs Amirul, Jannah and Sara)

One day, there were three amigos, all little;
Who went to the Bakery at Taman Melawati,
They baked little cakes of icing not too brittle,
And made their mamas and papas happy!

Hey! Nobody told us we have exams! SURPRISE!
Its just like art
class, but we can eat it afterwards!

Hey, don't copy me! I tell the teacher nanti.....

O Butterfles, Mr. Clowns and Sir Teddy bears;
Colourful and dressed up beyond compare,
Sitting on sweet icing cupcake chairs,
Won't you please take us to the County Fair!

My name is Jannah; I love to watch Spongebob,
My Babams gets angry; says I watch too much TV.
So I made these cupcakes for his birthday presents,
Now I can watch all the TV I want!

I am Sara Nabila,
Hello! How Are ya!
This is my hobby, yah!
Babams and Mak Long, Thank yah!

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