Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Handbag Homeclass 24 Jan 2010

Salam Everyone!

This is the first of Chef Baini's Handbag Class,

(And a bonus class for Shoes, too!)

Making the base for the bag...The base is a buttercake weighing 2.7 kgs alone......

This is an advanced learner's class (some would say masterclass).
Its definitely the longest homeclass I had ever done!

Shaping the fondant along the shape of the bag.....(carefully does it)

 Until we get something like this....>


To cut a long story short>

Well, lets not miss the best parts first....

1) Now that we have something that looks like this >

 2) Then we add the pouches...slump the pouch a little for a more realistic effect >


3) Paying attention to the details is very, very important! It is what makes the cake
into a unique work of art! >


 4) Then we add the finishing touches...like the zip, for example >


This is what we achieved at the end of the day>


The class ended at 10.30 pm! A record 12 hours! Goodness, was I tired at the end
of it all. Making something beautiful takes time...time, patience, and

I nearly forgot about the part about the shoes!
Don't you get mad, Jimmy Choo!

First bags...then shoes! Cobblers of fondant!


Cutting out the template for the shoe....
until we get something like this>


Gotta let it dry a little while....

OK! Now we have it! (Well, almost!)

Ok, that was a really long day....
Whew! I'm beat!
But it was all worth it!

Love as always,
Chef Baini.


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