Monday, February 1, 2010

3D Cake Homeclass 30/01/2010

Salam, everyone!

Chef Baini is very grateful for your comments, especially after the designer handbag homeclass blog entry!
So, in keeping with your valued comments, today's blog entry will follow the step-by-step format like the one before.

Chef Baini knows that this way, you'll be able to know better what goes on in the homeclasses.


Step 1: How to pipe the buttercream -  Chef Baini instructed on the correct technique of piping.......

Step 2: Drawing the template : Chef Baini will provide the template for the 3D figure....but you can bring your own if there is a particular image or character that you fancy!

Step 3: Learn how to ice the cake with buttercream : Ladies, its all in the wrist!


Step 4: Transferring the image onto the cake : Ladies, if patience is a virtue, a virtue too very true! You have to be very patient and careful....just imagine yourself as an artist and the cake is your canvas...

 (Psst! Its Dora!)



(You know who this is...Strawberry shortcake!)

Step 5: Putting on the Shell : Careful lacing of the edges and border hightlights.....



Step 6: Step back, take a deep breath, and feel good about what you've done! 
Have a look!


Up,up and Awaaaayyyy! Its Superman!

Spongebob Squarepants

Ariel, Princess of the Seven Seas!


Teddy for Amir, the Birthday Boy!
and finally,,,,,,

........Strawberry Shortcake!
Thanks everyone! Love,

Chef Baini,

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