Monday, February 22, 2010

Buttercream Cupcake Class at Bagus Bukit Tinggi 20/2/2010 and Bagus Shah Alam 21/2/2010


Salam Everyone!

It seems a lot of people love the Buttercream Cupcake classes! 
Chef Baini is delighted to assist aspiring students on the mastery of the buttercream!

BUKIT TINGGI 20/2/2010

Class begins! Here we go.....

Making the little do-ons,,,,

Carefully eye-balling the details.....



And here are the results!


From here you can see today's syllabus....
1) Teddy bear 2) Roses 3) Sunflower 4) Rosebud 5) Bluebonnet 6) Primrose





OK, everyone got it down pat. Its really as easy as it looks. A little bit of focus, a little bit of artistic touches here and there, a little bit of patience resulting in a whole lotta love!


The Buttercream adventures continue at Bagus Shah Alam!

SHAH ALAM 21/2/2010

Ready, get set, go!



Personalised attention to students on the finer points of piping the buttercream.....


Watch carefully,....easy does it.....


Once you get the hang of it, its easy!


Try not to get any buttercream on the handphone, shall we!

As you can see, the results are pretty consistent with the class of yesterday.





Wee done, everyone! See you soon!

Love, Chef Baini.

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