Monday, February 15, 2010

Fondant Cupcake and Miniature Cake Homeclass 13/02/2010

Once again, Salam Everyone!

(I can never tire of saying that, Ha-ha!)

The day before Valentine's day sounds like a perfect day
to have a homeclass on Fondant Cupcakes!


You know, at home we girls can just hang out and be ourselves.....
at the same time while learning cake decoration!
At to top it all....catch up on the latest
Hollywood and Bollywood gossip!

Ain't life grand!



Everyone just make yourself at home.....



Mama. mama....there's a big man taking our picture! Look!




Here are the Cupcakes......





 And here are the Miniature Cakes......






 And tomorrow is Valentine's Day!

Oops, it's also Chinese New Year, the Year of the Tiger, too!
Double Hooray!

Happy holidays, everyone!


Chef Baini.

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