Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chocolate Modelling Homeclass 10/04/2010

Salam Everyone!

Chef Baini is back, this time with a batch of new students for the chocolate modeling class.
Here are the students and the results of their work:


In Chef Baini's previous blog, artistic creativity was emphasized a crucial element in the success of the cakes.
Today, Chef stressed on the individuality of the designer,
whereby the cake created by the artist embodies the soul of the artist in her creation.

Of course, it's quite a trick to guesstimate the personalities of the cake artist by just looking at the final 'piece de resistance'; this is a cake decoration blog and not Psychology 101!
Nevertheless, Chef Baini believes that if you know the person well enough,
you will immediately understand the cake and why it is the way it is!

For instance: the amount of gold highlights on the chocolate, especially on the roses, 
tells a lot about the artist whom created the cake!

and here are the scenes of the day while class is in session!
Thanks for dropping by!

Love, Chef Baini.

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