Thursday, May 27, 2010

HOMECLASS - TEAPOT 22nd May 2010

Salam, dear friends!

Today Chef Baini taught the Teapot Cake Class. Mind you, Chef Baini's version
is an old fashioned Victorian type of english teapot.

But of course, her students could invent their own style...after all, each of them are bona fide cake designers. So without further ado, let's see what they had done, one by one.



Sue was very proud of her teapot. 
As you can see, she loves to pose with her work.

And that happens when you truly enjoy doing what you do. 
Now the artist in her comes out to show her skills!

Next is Kak Nisa.....

Kak Nisa

Kak Nisa's piece is similar too. 
Please take a few moments to study the first picture of Kak Nisa's teapot.
Notice how effectively she used the white background of the porcelain
as a canvas for the roses. Notice also how the green vines curl around the roses. 
And how the green leaves flank each flower. The placement is in the midsection of the pot,
and is carried through on both ends by the handle and the spout.

Kak Nisa's precise placement of the decorative elements, 
its even spacing make it a truly exceptional piece.

Then there's Roza.



Roza used a draping lid for her teapot.
Notice how the lid gives a very different character to her piece.
Which underlines Chef Baini's point that these cakes have become works of art,
not just food.

Another student who's work is akin is Che Enah.

Che Enah

Che Enah preferred a more subdued effect.
She selected light green vines plus gold highlights on white roses.
The result is a quieter teapot, very much like Che Enah herself!
The artwork tells much about the artist herself.

And last but not least, Enn....


Chef Baini can guess your reaction....
This came straight from the Shrek movie! In 3D too!
Enn chose to be different; her piece is more experimental than the rest.
Notice the coup-de-gras....the hankie on the top of the lid...

An artist can draw her inspiration from anywhere.
Just like Chef Baini who constantly looks around 
and about her for new ideas and innovation.

As always, 
Chef Baini is the happiest of the lot at the end of the day,
when she sees the end results of the students' work.

On that note, Chef Baini signs off for today. 
See you next time!

Love, Chef Baini.

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