Monday, May 31, 2010


Salam once again, friends!

It was another Two-Tiered Plillowcake class at Chef Baini's home today.
But today's students, save one, were regulars,
so as you may have come to expect,
it was a noisy day at Chef Baini's home!

Not that Chef Baini is complaining mind you. After all, the neighbours didn't,
so why should Chef Baini be worried? 
It's important that you be yourself.
That way you can become who you really are meant to be! Make sense?
Well, perhaps Chef Baini should stick to teaching cakes,
not dropping off little pearls of wisdom, ha-ha!

Seriously, everyone knew pretty much what to do, and where to start....
Chef Baini simply guided her students to where they needed to go.
But a little later The Babams dropped in to offer his critique!
Then the household became a little more lively!

Babams or no Babams, everyone did really well.
Have a look at what they did....


Sue's piece was a brown and gold theme, with little silver clovers....
Of course, Sue believes in looking good even when she's baking!

Kak Zakiah

Kak Zakiah did hers in a sky and pastel blue combination.....
It came off rather well, too....


Roza chose a daring green top sure caught the eye immediately.....

Kak Rohaya

Chef Baini's good friend Rohaya, now a chef herself at a nearby bakery,
also joined today's class. She elected to have 
soft pastel colours for her cake...

Kak Shima

Kak Shima's colour selection was equally striking...
the Royal Yellow commands your attention immediately....

Kak Hila

Kak Hila chose to be different...She did two seperate cakes instead of one...
Chef Baini encourages originality, so its no problem!

The little shoes are a nice touch, wouldn't you agree? Good job!

That's all for today, folks!
Until next time,

Love, Chef Baini.

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