Monday, June 21, 2010

Dibo & Friends Figurine & Moist Chocolate Cake At Bagus Shah Alam 20th June 2010

Salam, everyone!

Today's class is a first..
A Mothers and Daughters class for figurine cakes.
And by an unintended coincidence, it fell on Father's Day, of all days!
So Chef Baini made all the attendees promise to give the
cakes that they made today to the main man in their lives...

Of course, the theme is a rather playful one: that of Dibo the Gift Dragon.
Somehow kids love Dibo and friends; so its just as well that the kids
made the figurines. Its like doing playdough, and this dough is the edible kind!

Lets face it: Most girls love to bake. 
What more if they can have a hand in helping 
their mums make it. Most kids prove themselves to be naturals 
when it comes to making figurines. 

So lets see what the mother and daughter teams did...

This cake was made by Team No. 1.
Don't ask Chef Baini the characters other than Dibo, for
she has not got a clue!

Mother and Daughter Team No. 2 did this beauty.
Observe that since these cakes are playful in nature,
some characters sit off the cake! 
That's perfectly all right in Chef Baini's book!

Notice that Team No.2 actually discussed the cake and it's design beforehand.
It's nice to have a strategy, even when making cakes!

Mother and Daughter Team No. 3 did this one.
Here, everyone sits together, Chef Baini is guessing that the
Green Elephant is Dad! Or maybe it's the Purple Dragon!
What do you think?

Team No. 4 was a Sisters team.
Again, everyone sits together, but the Purple Dragon is a lot slimmer.
I guess Dad must be as well!

Mother and Daughter Team No. 5 did this one.
Observe: Not only does one figure sit outside the cake, 
it has clovers, flowers and boulders spilling over too.
The result is a more playful appearance.
Very fitting for a cake of this kind.

Naturally, Chef Baini and her daughter Jannah had to get in the fray.
Anyone who knows Jannah will know that she doesn't want to be left
out of the fun!

In fact, Jannah made two cakes!
The second one is for Milla, Jannah's cousin who just turned three.
Jannah wants to make up for not having 
made a cake for Milla's birthday recently!

Milla's belated birthday cake!

Chef Baini really enjoyed teaching this class...

Speaking of which, Chef Baini and Jannah have to show the Babams his prize later today. However, the Babams couldn't be bothered to pick-up Chef Baini and Jannah because he was too busy watching the World Cup matches! Men!

That's all for today, friends! Happy Father's Day!

Love, Chef Baini.

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