Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home Class 2 tier Buttercream Wedding Cake 05/06/2010

Salam friends!

Today's class was on buttercream cakes, two tiered, mind you!

The Babams commented that the class was exceptionally long, more than usual.
It was a record, until 11pm!

Well Babams, buttercream is a lot more tricky than fondant!
It takes a lot more time to do and one must be exceptionally careful!
Now you know!

Have a look at what the students today produced:

Both Hawa and Kak Zakiah opted for the classic two-tiered cake....
with larger flowers on the top cake!

Kak Zakiah
Kak Zakiah prefered less flowers and fewer highlights,
electing to emphasize the classic white cake look.....


Azlina produced two cakes of contrasting colours....
She didn't want to  be 'predictable' like most cakes would be!

Kak Ana
the same with Kak Ana...She decided to do two cakes instead!

Kak Shikin
Of course, if there's a leader to start the ball rolling, someone must follow!
Kak Shikin decided to do two cakes instead of Two-Tiered cakes!
Ah well....whatever!

Chef Baini doesn't mind her students improvising....
Anything that encourage the creativity of her students, she's all for!
That's all for today, friends!

Chef Baini.

P.S. Chef Baini would like to thank all the husbands of her students for their support.
Their encouragement can only spur the students to greater heights!
Hope all the husbands and dads out there had a great Father's Day!

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