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Exactly one year ago today, Norbaini Rahwi donned the chef's robe and apron, kissed her husband and daughter and walked to the head of the studio at the Bagus Bakery at Bukit Tinggi, Klang. She didn't know what to expect and pretended to be unnervous. One by one, the students trudged in to take their seats. They didn't know what to expect from this new instructor that they had never heard of before either. Norbaini stood stoically, her lips upturned into a smile that remained frozen until the last student sat down. You could hear a pin drop. If you strained your ears hard enough, you could probably hear Norbaini's heart pound like a tennis player's in the heat of the US Open final. Norbaini glanced towards the wall and watched the clock strike ten.  

It was time.

She whispered to herself: " Bismillahhirrahmannirrahim...."; took a deep breath plus one step forward, opened her mouth and said:

"Salam, everyone! My name is Chef Baini...."

Chef Baini's first ever class at the Bagus Bakery at Bukit Tinggi, Klang on 31st October 2009.
My, how time does fly! Its already been one year from that day. Sometimes Chef Baini has to pinch herself to see if all this is a dream. At this point in her journey, Chef Baini feels it's necessary to stop and take stock; to look back and see how far along the road less traveled she has trodden on, to reflect on the lessons she has learned, the mistakes she has made and value all the friends she has made along the way. But first things first though; Chef Baini wants to say: Alhamdullillah, praise be to Allah for all of His grace and blessings. It is because of Him that Chef Baini has made it this far.

So lets the past year, Chef Baini has....(Long story short)....

Taught a few classes here and there.....

Sold one or two cakes every now and then......

Made fine new friends while on holiday......

Forged (in fondant) a replica of a designer handbag because she couldn't afford the original...

And watched the Babams play with turtles.

To think that Chef Baini has made this journey is really something, when you consider that just a year ago, Chef Baini a.k.a. Norbaini Rahwi:

1) Very rarely used her email;
2) was completely clueless on making web pages, uploading pictures etc.;
3) did not even have a Maybank 2U (internet banking) bank account;
4) used her camera phone only on certain special occasions;
5) generally a shy and introverted individual ,
6) couldn't write a word in French and Spanish (!), and
7) thought that 'blogger' was something disgusting that came out of the Babams' nose.*

(* Note: In case you didn't get the joke, blogger sounds like booger, which is American slang for nose snot.)

Incredible things start to happen the moment you decide to get off the chair and follow your dreams. It is the same for Chef Baini. So lets think a bit on dreams and what your dreams can do for you:

The Power of Dreams

Dreams are very powerful, don't let anyone ever tell you anything different. Dreams can lift us higher, make us more than what we are now. They will require work. Along the way, we may face some obstacles that at first glance, seem beyond us but never underestimate the power of dreams. Insya'allah, we will overcome any obstacles that lie in our way; one by one, until we attain the heights that we first dreamt about. Insya'allah.

It helps to picture our dreams. We need to visualise our own becoming. Draw a picture, a cartoon even. Hang it on your bedroom wall or stick it on the door of the refrigerator in the kitchen. Or on the mirror of the dressing table. Never you mind if it looks funny. It gives us focus. It amplifies our motivation. It drives us on, even when the road less traveled hits a bumpy patch. Just like everyone else, Chef Baini has her own dreams also. Chef Baini dreams of becoming a household name in Malaysia one day..... 

 A household name that everyone knows! 

Maybe a household name that comes into your home, even.....
Tis the dream of every chef to have her own TV show!
And perhaps later, expand and diversify into other businesses, why not? If other people can do it, why not Chef Baini? Why not you?
Fancy a set of wheels that makes a statement? Look no further!
 But why stop there? Lets take to the skies fly to the edge of the horizon! Have only the sky be the limit! Any higher and we will need oxygen tanks, pressurised suits and the Space Shuttle!

Now Chef Baini can visit her international friends personally and not just through the internet!
And throughout our journey, never, never, ever give up our ideals nor beliefs. 

Like fighting for world peace, for example.
United Nations Peacekeeper Force Commander Baini leading her tank battalion in the troubled regions of the world.

It has been an amazing year. Chef Baini has learned so much from meeting all of you, be it at the Bakery Studio or at her humble abode or through the internet. Chef Baini draws much inspiration from knowing each of you; truly, the experience of sharing part of your lives with her has made Chef Baini even more penitent than ever. It's truly an honour.

To think it all began when Norbaini Rahwi, little over a year ago, decided to get off her chair to try to make something more of her life. It has been extraordinary. 

Alhamdullilah. Praise be to Allah.
Dreams take their first step to reality when you get off the chair!
Like any mother, Chef Baini's children power her motivation.

It isn't possible to have every one of the people who Chef Baini counts as her friend to pictured in the photo montage above. There are many, many more individuals that can be fitted into this photo frame.

Chef Baini & The Babams
dedicate this blog post to their children



whose assistance week in and week out is one BIG reason why Chef Baini
is able to do what she does at every class,


to each and everyone of Chef Baini's friends;
without whom none of this would be possible.

You honour us with your friendship and support.

31st October 2010

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