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Jannah, Ateh and Chef Baini

Today's blog post is on Jannah's big cupcake decoration contest. Jannah aspires to be just like her mom: a Sugar Chef. So when the opportunity came to take part in a contest, she enthusiastically signed up! The contest is an annual event ran by the International Centre for Cake Artistry or ICCA. Coincidentally, Jannah's aunt (Chef Baini's sister-in-law) Ateh, is an instructor with the ICCA and for today's event, Jannah's beloved aunt is the emcee.   Jannah's cousin Imran also entered the contest. Imran was born in the same year as Jannah and as you can guess, they are very close.

Well, you can say baking and decorating cakes run in the family!

The contest banner

From the banner above, you can see the contest was held at the Giza Mall at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Selangor.
The main atrium of the Giza Mall

Its a brand spanking new mall that opened follows a green building concept that is all the rage in Malaysia.....

The Babams and Ariff got a huge kick at the enormous fans in the ceiling! Check them out! You may say to yourself: Jannah must be one gutsy kid, right? Uh-oh! Wrong! She was a nervous wreck! Here's a close-up of her face from the 1st picture at the top of the page:

Poor Jannah so nervous!

 She called Ateh about the contest, asked for permission to join the fray (much to her parents' surprise - pleasant surprise, that is), had plenty of initiative to have a few practice runs at home before the contest, registered at the counter all by herself but when it's showtime, she's a bundle of nerves and so jittery!
So what can dear old dad do to help?

Jannah and Imran with Uncle Rick and Nana (Imran's kid sister)
Trust the Babams to prescribe Ice-Cream therapy! Here's Jannah with her cousin Imran taking their 'medication' at the Baskin Robbins Clinic nearby!
The Babams is a very wise man...Ice cream medication 
did just the trick to calm frazzled nerves!

Here are all the kids getting ready to start....

Jannah saying a doa before starting...

 The contest lasted only an hour...Jannah used butter cream for her decor...having lots of practice and being assistant to her mom, she finished her 3 cupcakes well within the hour...

So while waiting for the other kids to finish, Jannah was interviewed by a local TV station - TV3 - for the KIDS NEWS programme. The show goes on air every Saturday and Sunday morning.
 Now strangely enough, Jannah wasn't at all nervous for the TV interview! She was very cool, a natural in front of the camera! This gave the Babams an idea.....Maybe Jannah should consider another profession, ha-ha!
Jannah with the KIDS NEWS TV crew...notice mom and dad aren't allowed in the picture!

This is Jannah's entry...decorated with butter cream...
Chef Baini and The Babams are justly proud of their daughter Jannah... You see, Jannah is a very shy and introverted girl (Some say she takes after her dad!). Her parents have been encouraging her to be brave and unafraid to try new things. So when she mooted the idea to join this contest, showed initiative, enthusiasm and seriousness, naturally her parents are delighted to see their little princess come out of her shell!

Did she win? We don't know, because the results are announced the next day! It doesn't matter to Chef and the Babams! It was a great day, a wonderful family outing but very, very tiring!

Until the next post, dear friends,
thank you so much for dropping in!

Love, Chef Baini.

I would have joined the contest too, but I forgot where I left my diapers!
HEEYYY! Don't forget about me! If you think KJ (Kakak Jannah) is good at
decorating cakes, wait till you see what I can do! I am a little chef too!
In a few years.....
Now, where did my diapers go.......

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