Saturday, October 23, 2010


Pillow Cake Homeclass on 14 October 2010
Welcome once again to Norbaini Cakes!

Chef Baini is delighted to have you visit today's double header class. Oops! Did Chef Baini just say double header? Why, today's class wasn't just about Pillow Cakes, it's about Kebaya Cakes also..

Hmmmm... in that case we need a second welcome banner just for the Kebaya Cakes....

Kebaya Cake Homeclass on 14 October 2010

Nowadays, Chef Baini gets varying requests from students whom are free on that particular day but not for the upcoming scheduled class in the near future. Whenever possible, Chef Baini will accommodate though this isn't always possible. Afterall, our motto is:

Sound familiar? Ha-Ha!

First off, let's see the pillow cake squad in usual, Chef Baini attends to her students giving them hands-on instruction on the design, technique and craft of fashioning a cake into a pillow...

Strangely enough, no one ever bothered to ask Chef Baini what to do with the leftovers. You know, Chef Baini does not like to have edible items go to waste. No chef ever does! However, that will be a subject for a future blog post. Chef Baini believes that will be an interesting blog by itself!....

As you can see from the pictures, the pillow cake squad were so engrossed in their work. It's very clear that these lovely ladies take cakes seriously. Don't try to distract them from their task, or you might get some serious grief!

Now calling them the Pillow Platoon may be more poetic, but there weren't enough participants to make a platoon proper! There weren't enough to make a proper squad either! According to the Babams, a squad comprises of 6 soldiers, while a platoon is made up of 3 squads at least. That is why a squadron of fighter jets has only 6 planes with the leader holding a rank of colonel or lieutenant colonel (A few Air Forces have majors as squadron leaders, like The Royal  Malaysian Air Force's Major Patricia Yapp; callsign 'Foxy'). 

The Babams is a sort of lovable know-it-all, with a head full of trivia. Trivia, as you may be aware, is interesting but useless knowledge. So you might say that the Babams' head is full of information but most of it is useless!

Here are the results of the Pillow Cake Squad's work. The pillow cakes may look like real pillows though they are not. They are definitely not to be used as weapons in a pillow fight!

Simultaneously, the other students were equally engrossed in their mission: Kebaya Cakes.

Naturally the Babams bequeathed these ladies a moniker that is the Kebaya Krew! Despite the titular honorific, please don't expect these ladies to break into song and dance.

The Kebaya Krew is a Bake & Cake Culinary Crew, not a GANGSTA RAP GROUP! Notwithstanding the disclaimer, these ladies can 'Shake & Bake' with the best of 'em!

Just look at what they did in only a few hours....

This quartet is surely THE FEARSOME FOURSOME OF FONDANT! They made such lovely presentations that are delightful to the eye,

Now the Fearsome Foursome of Fondant may sound like a gang of professional wrestlers from the WWE as seen on TV but Chef Baini assures you that they are not!

Before Chef Baini knew it, both the Pillow Squad and the Kebaya Krew ( or the Fearsome Foursome of Fondant ) were done for the day. Chef Baini is happy to see how well the class progressed!

Like everything else, today's blog post has reached the finish line. My, how time does fly when you're enjoying whatever it is that you're doing. Chef Baini enjoyed sharing today's class with you, friends; just like she hoped that you enjoed reading it. That's it for today.

Until next time,

Love ayways,

Chef Baini.


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