Saturday, December 25, 2010


Salam once again, dear friends!

Welcome to another edition of the Fancy Cookies Homeclass here at Norbaini Cakes! It seems that some people never tire of fancy cookies and Chef Baini never tires of teaching this ever-popular subject! Today, Chef Baini welcomes 4 students who are 1) Kak Faridah 2) Kak Ida 3) Azian 4) Zati . Today Chef Baini is assisted by her beloved daughter and little chef-in-training Norjannah Athirah.

Today Chef Baini is a little better prepared than usual, as its the school holidays, Jannah helped out her mom by preparing the materials for this class a few days in advance. its really great to have a live-in assistant, especially one whom you don't have to pay! Well, in cash anyway! Jannah extracted her reward in another form...usually a treat to the movies!

Jannah played the big little assistant...mind you, she seems to be getting good at this herself. Maybe one day she can teach this fancy cookies all by herself. After she finishes her UPSR, that is! Which is a few years away....

Here is Jannah hard at work with today's students...Its probably because of painting the nice colours that she likes so much... another plausible explanation on the popularity of the fancy cookies brings out the kid in all of us! Have a look at the work of today's students.....

Its a bewildering array of colours, isn't it! No prizes for guessing whose are these below! The big J is a clue for you!

Here Jannah decided to get a little artistic as she tries to be a little Picasso! At least, that is what the blue and red cookies look like to her Mom and Dad!

Today's class ended well ahead of schedule and everthing was done by 5pm. A rarity here at Norbaini Cakes! Nevertheless, Chef Baini believes everyone including herself had a great time! That's all for today, dear friends, thank you so much for visiting today's blog!

Love Always,

Chef Baini.

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