Monday, January 31, 2011


Salam once again, dear friends!

Welcome to another edition of Norbaini Cakes blogspot!

Firstly, Chef Baini would like to apologise to all her friends who were made to wait for two weeks (ulp!) since the last blog entry. Chef Baini has been so busy with so many things that she lost track of the blogs updates, plus a little comment from a close friend about the Norbaini Cakes Blog that resulted in a light bulb turning on in Chef Baini's head. Its what people call an epiphany, that is in a sudden flash, a new light, or idea sets off that changes one's viewpoint in a singular, revelatory moment. 

So for the next few blogs, Chef Baini will do away with the fancy graphics, obscure European languages  and erudite poems to just focus on the event itself by emphasizing good old fashioned story telling with lots and lots of pictures. That is a more direct and personal take on the Norbaini Cakes experience. If you like it, please tell others; if you don't, please tell Chef Baini immediately!

Okay, so today, CB welcomed Ms. Ayu from Singapore once again for part II of her long distance learning! She's back to learn the designer handbag cake, the teapot cake, the moist chocolate cake ( probably Chef Baini's most popular cake to date), shoes and fancy cookies.

But not long after class began, a customer dropped in with the Mod Squad (her children, that is) to order a wedding cake. The wedding is set for the March school holidays, but she placed her order today, almost two months ahead! Just to be sure that Chef Baini will be available on that date!

 Lets start with the designer handbag cake first. Why? Because its the most complicated of all cakes amongst all the cakes that Ms. Ayu wanted to learn today. As you can see, Chef Baini is always hands on, here she shows Ms. Ayu how to put the base cake together.

After which Chef Baini explains the cutting away of the parts to sculpt a handbag shape out of it. You know the old line most sculptors frequently quip: The handbag was already in the cake, I just removed the other parts from the cake to show that it is there! What a line!

 Chef Baini stands afar to watch Ms. Ayu  follow CB's instructions.....

Just look at Ayu's concentration.... you can see that she is seeing a handbag in the cake that she is holding...

She's slowly persuading the handbag to come out of the cake....These handbags can be very, very shy you know!

Now that the handbag has come out of its shell, it's naked as a bald blue baby; so it must be clothed immediately.

 Slowly but surely the entire cake takes it's true form...

Its pretty much the same for the teapot cake, Chef Baini won't repeat the sequence of events here otherwise the blog will take ages to read!

 Its pretty much the same thing for the shoes as well.....

 Finally, the both of them are assembled together on a presentation board. The white lace is made from fondant too, as you may have guessed. It would make a nice gift, don't you agree? Plus the cake tastes good too!

Now for a cake that tastes really, really good, there is the Moist Chocolate Cake! Ayu learned that also; she didn't want to pass the opportunity up. By the way, Chef Baini teaches her cakes in the exact same manner as she sells them; CB does not believe in holding anything back.

 Now comes the fun part of Ms. Ayu's personal class...the Fancy Cookies! The Babams commented that the fancy cookies segment alone took up almost a whole quarter of the session. He thought that Ms. Ayu was having too much fun taking too long to finish the fancy cookies.

 The real reason for the Babam's griping ( or complaining ) is that he had to wait longer before he was allowed to eat some of the fancy cookies! In this segment, Junior Chef Jannah showed Ms. Ayu how to make these edible jewels of art!

So Chef Baini will not write to describe the obvious, so please enjoy the visual treat of the fancy cookies...especially the Butterfly and the Flaming Valentine cookies below! Can you spot them amongst the symphony of colours?

Personally, Chef Baini thought that Ms. Ayu did a fantastic job picking up the skills, but she was not done yet...after her personal class, her husband picked her up and they scooted off to Petaling Street and Uptown Danau Kota to do some late night shopping! Can you believe these Singaporeans ?!? Just goes to show that you can take the girl out of Singapore, but you can't take the Singaporean out off the girl! Well, today's blog won't cover that!

 To close off, Chef Baini will let the Mod Squad say goodbye! Thanks, guys!


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