Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Its another post in the long running and still on-going Kebaya Cake Chef Baini style homeclass! Today, Chef Baini welcomed 3 friends who dropped in to learn about kebaya cakes. Sometimes Chef Baini gets a lot of students, sometimes just a few, sometimes just one or two. It doesn't matter to Chef Baini, for she is always glad to teach to anyone who cared to learn from her, especially on Kebaya Cakes. Now the Kebaya Cake class conducted at home does not use dummies, its a real cake that you would be decorating. Which makes it good enough to eat!

Here is Suraya rolling out the fondant. On the extreme right decked in red is Nora. Below is Kak Lin rolling out the fondant for her cake.

Well, well, well....we have a surprise guest today. Nurul  didn't get to finish her cake the other day and dropped in to finish it off. Anyone who wants to learn is welcome to do so! So Nurul just joined in and pretended her cake is just like a Kebaya Cake!

This cake below is by Kak Lin

This one in green is by Nora

While the last Kebaya Cake, also in red, is by Suraya

Now here at Norbaini Cakes, there's no pre-set style that you have to follow. Chef Baini encourages your own creativity so you are most welcome to select your own theme and any colour that you prefer! It allows for comparative learning among friends.

Not to be outdone, here is Nurul's wedding cake flowers......

Of course, you-know-who is justly proud of her creation!
Here she is posing with her cake.

That's it for today's blog post, dear friends.
Thanks for stopping by, and
Chef Baini will see you again very, very soon.
Until next time, take care!

Love always,

Chef Baini


  1. tq my dearest sis..he3 baru dapat baca komen..selepas di godeh2..

  2. OMG my picture revealed oredie.. muka terkejut semacam.. hihi..anyway enjoy n fun class wit Chef Baini

  3. Muka cun tu soo..thnks dear..bcoz of you, now i can read my post comment..ha3