Thursday, May 12, 2011


Salam once again, dear friends!

Welcome back to another Norbaini Cakes blogpost!
Chef Baini never tires of meeting all of her friends, especially when
they are avid followers of Chef Baini's adventures in baking!

Today Chef Baini returns to the Bagus Bakery at Kajang, Malaysia's famous satay town,
for another Cupcake Hantaran class. In fact, its the first of a Cupcake Hantaran weekend, for tomorrow Chef Baini travels to the other side of the Klang Valley for another Cupcake Hantaran class.
Today's class had around 12-13 students, all of them ladies.

No menfolk today, though!

The last time Chef Baini was at Kajang, there was this very nice and helpful young man who helped as many of his fellow students as he could. Well, although today had no such thorn amongst these briar of roses,
there was camaraderie a plenty!

 And there were these two ladies who preferred to keep their conversations private!
Well, who knows what they could be chatting about? What does it matter, 
as long as their hands moved as their mouths did, work gets done!

So lets take a look at what these ladies did when the class was over.....

 Chef Baini was mighty impressed with the quality of work
produced by today's batch of students! Fine craftsmanship!

Look at the variety of designs that was done.....
Chef Baini fixes no rules for the design, everyone is free
to create as he or she wishes!

The same goes for the colour selection too! However, some colours
are preferred over others, so its the usual hues of pigments that
get used up every time at every class!

So that's all for today, dear friends!
Chef Baini hopes you had fun reading today's post. 
Be sure to catch tomorrow's blog to see how the
second half of the Cupcake Hantaran Weekend went.

Until, next time, take care!

Love always,

Chef Baini.

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