Sunday, May 15, 2011


Salam once again, dear friends!

Welcome again to another Norbaini Cakes blog post!
If the previous blog was a little lengthy on the explanation, today's blog will do the opposite! Today's class was on the Pastry Basket.. there were 2 students only today, because the rest had to cancel at the least minute.

But like Chef Baini says : Da show must go on, baby!

Never mind about the students who didn't get to make it today, they'll be back when their timing is a little more fortuitous!

If you had visited Norbaini Cakes blogspot before, you would be already familiar with the pastry basket. Just for today the two friends get to have their portraits featured prominently!

As do their work! Here are their baskets empty of the usual cornucopia.....

What is the cornucopia? Why, its the delicious and beautiful pineapple tarts that are shaped into vegetables and fruits. And these tarts are big, Singapore sized! (If you consume pineapple tarts frequently, especially doing the festive seasons, you may notice that tarts made in Singapore are usually larger than tarts made-in-Malaysia. It doesn't say anything else other than Singaporeans like their tarts bigger than their neighbours!)

Another reason why Chef Baini makes these tarts big is for the visual effect of an abundant or overflowing bounty (rezeki yang melimpah, kata orang Malaysia). So that the Pastry Baskets really do become bountiful cornucopias and beautiful cornucopias at that!

Speaking of which, this is what they look like together! Wonderful, wouldn't you agree?

So that's all for today, dear friends!
Until next time,

Take care and love always,

Chef Baini.


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