Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kueh Raya Class on 19th May 2012

Hey there everyone! Here we are again with a special class for a special occasion! Kueh Raya class! Yes! With 19 students in total and coincidentally, this took place on the 19th! How awesome is that? So below here are the list of kueh rayas that were made and their respective pictures

1. Spanish Wedding Cookies 

2. Cornflakes Nestum
3. Sesame Ball 

4. Hazel Oreo 

5. Hazelnut Slice
6. Nutty Sugee 
7. Lemon Cashewnut 
8. Almond Paraline
9. White Choc Hawaiian Cookies 
10. Almond Oats 

White Choc Hawaiian Cookies

 Hazelnut Slice

Nutty Sugee

Almond Paraline

Hazel Oreo 

Spanish Wedding Cookies

 Lemon Cashewnut

Sesame Ball 

Almond Oats

Cornflakes Nestum

Unfortunately although we have stated it has 19 students, there were not enough time to put up pictures of them at work, so.... sorry. Other than that, this pretty much wraps up this post for now.
More to come of course!
With love, Norbaini Rahwi

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