Friday, June 29, 2012

Premium Biskut Raya Class on 3rd June 2012

Hello again everyone! And welcome to another class session on Norbaini Cakes! This time, its a special class for a special occasion, since the fasting month is nearby and you all know what comes after the fasting month. So here we have a premium biskut raya class! Check out the gallery below for pictures!

Lapis Kurma

Strawberry Choc Almond

Beautiful Jannah

Cheese Finger

Cashewnut Lovers

And here are the many students who attended! Thanks for coming!

And thats all for now, if you are interested in this kind of class, don't be shy to check out what we've got in store. More posts to come, only on Norbaini Cakes!

With love, Norbaini Rahwi

1 comment:

  1. ye??
    kat mana ni?
    nak join~
    then, dah blaja buat kek tu, boleh tak bawak balik kek tu?