Thursday, December 6, 2012

Premium Biskut Raya Class on 1st July 2012 at Norbainin Cakes

Hello everyone! We're back again after being on hiatus for a long time! We deeply apologize for any inconvenience that occurred during our absence. But should you know, despite our inactivity, classes still take place as scheduled. Without further ado, lets pick up from the last time we left.

Here we have a premium biskut raya class that took place a while back. Check it out!

Fancy huh? Just the right kinds of biskut raya to be served during raya festivities. Now lets check out the students at work!

And well that's it. Not much, but lots more to come since much has happened since we last left this place.
No matter, see you again soon on Norbaini Cakes!
With love, Norbaini Rahwi

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