Monday, February 22, 2010


 Once again, Salam Everyone!
Today Chef Baini's blog entry is a sneak preview of the Kebaya Cake Homeclass
that Chef Baini is introducing starting in March 2010.

But today, let's do something different!

First, Chef Baini will showcase the sample Kebaya Cake that she herself made.
 (see picture below)


Now, please compare the finished Kebaya Cakes that her students have made.
 (see pictures below)



Bet you can't tell the difference, yes?
That's right, Chef Baini had a trial class to see how it would go.
Alhamdullillah, it worked out pretty well.

Earlier on, Chef Baini said today's blog was going to be a little different. How?
Well, today, Chef is going to show you the process in reverse!

Putting on the finishing touches on the cake.....


Making the finishing touches....



Laying the fondant cover on the cake.....


Putting the frills at the base of the cake.....


Making the frills....


Kneading the fondant batter for the cover....


Rohaya the glamourpuss kneading the fondant batter...


 Of course, it's not necessary to show them walking in the front door!

Look out in the HOMECLASS BLOG for details on the 
Kebaya Cake homeclass.

See you!

Love, Chef Baini.

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