Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Salam once again, Friends!

 ~ Fondant Layering ~

Maybe its better to begin a blog with an opening picture or an intro, 
after all, blogs are about visual impact too! 

Sometimes, people long to do a simple cake that looks just like a cake should,
no fancy-schmancy pillow-willow, tiered-feared, big-bag cakes.....
just a simple circle with a few but effective decorations....

Be that as it may, today's theme was flowers and drapes.
Lets see what the results were, shall we?

These cakes are none too busy, a nice satement that isn't pretentious or ostentatious.
They make lovely engagement 'hantaran' gifts.
And theoretically, they should take a shorter time to make.

Well, in theory anyway.....

The truth is, you shouldn't rush when you make these cakes, 
for what we are making are really works of art!

Well, lets have a look how the artists craft their work....

First, a whiff/ flash/ burst of inspiration!

The Artist's source of inspiration has long been a mystery to mankind.
Here one such artist is imagining what her cake will look like....

Then comes the perspiration!

Art is fashioned by the hands of artists,; its a true labour of love!

Sometimes, artists need to collaborate, sharing views, opinions and constructive criticisms.....

Chef Baini believes deeply in sharing ideas 
and in doing so will bear fruits for a richer world.....

All the hard work will show in the end results, 
everyone here today should feel very proud of their achievements!

That's all for today, folks! Thanks for dropping in. Until the next time, take care!

Love as always, Chef Baini.

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