Monday, April 26, 2010


Salam, Friends!

~ Pillow Cake Master Class! ~

Today's class was on pillow cakes. It was another full day of baking, sculpting, layering and decorating these beautiful decorative gift cakes ideal for weddings and/ or engagements.

For a change, Chef Baini decided that at the end of the class, her husband The Babams will pick the best of the best, and the winner will get a prize. But The Babams was so flustered in picking the winner because - according to him - they were all winners. Finally, The Babams picked one of his personal preference, but declared that Chef Baini had to give everyone else a consolation prize!

Honestly, which one would you pick? 
Sometimes it's not so easy being a judge, but Hey! 
This is not American Idol!

The Babams was so impressed that he called this group of students 
Chef Baini's Master Class!

This one (above) is actually much better than it looks in the picture. 
You can blame it on The Babams!
He promised to do a better job next time when taking pictures!

This one (above) found favour with you-know-who. 
Simple and elegant, the sheen applied to the white cake on top has a satin-like finish.

First, lets see how Chef Baini does it. See how the pillow cake 
first started out as a normal square block,,,,

Then the edges are removed to from the trapezoid corners.....


This blog isn't really about Chef Baini, its about the students!
So lets see the students learn 'pillowing'.....

As usual, Chef Baini takes extra care in teaching her students the finer points of cake making,,,,,,

But its easy once you get the hang of it. Before long, the pillows were ready for 'fluffing'....

What is fluffing? 
Transforming the cake fondant layer into a realistic looking pillow....
Fluffing....that's a term coined by the Babams, of course!

So whose pillow captured The Babams's fancy?
Why, its none other than.....

And this is the winner of the day!

Seriously, congratulations to all on a job well done!

See you soon!

Love, Chef Baini.

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