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Home Class 2 tier Wedding And My Little Girl's Dream 16/04/2010

Salam, Friends!

Today's class is a double header; Chef Baini believes it's the first of such a class that she had conducted. Imagine! Teaching two different kinds of cakes in the same day! Well, Chef Baini supposes that there is indeed a first time for everything; teaching cakes is no exception.

Chef Baini was once a little girl and though that was a long, long time ago, there is still some of that little girl tucked deep inside the adult Chef Baini!

Until today Chef Baini gets a little tingly when someone orders a Barbie Cake, for every little girl dreams of being a Barbie Princess!

Now as far as visual impacts go, the Barbie Cake give a very strong visual impact because of the doll that stands the cake itself. Plus the long Bell Skirt that spreads nicely on to the base cake leads our eyes evenly throughout the cake.

Come to think of it, these Barbie Cakes are only good for birthdays, wouldn't you agree? Honestly, Chef Baini cannot imagine any other purpose that it may be suited for.

The other cake that was taught today was the Two-Tier cake. Chef Baini hopes that you will see the immediate similarities between the two types: That's right!


The upright character of these cakes make it ideal for any grand occasion, like for birthdays and weddings, obviously. The object/s of celebration ( the birthday girl or bride and groom ) can feel that extra 'oomph' on their special day.

The Two Tier Cake can be used for anniversaries too. There's no hard and fast rule, just a time honoured tradition that is continued generation after generation! On the occasion of an anniversary, a two tier cake very much like a wedding cake serves a strong reaffirmation of the wedding vows.

So lets take a look on the processess that lead to the cakes......

Shaping the skirt of gown of Barbie.... Chef Baini did mention that we cake designers have to be sculptors too, except our medium is edible!

Here comes the fabric...(fondant sheet),,,,

......that we fold into a gown.....

...and the base is quite straightforward.....its the easy part....

Well, no one ever said that you can't have a Two Tier Barbie Cake!
This is the fun part of what we do....we can combine things or invent new ones!

That's all for now, friends, Chef Baini hopes you enjoyed reading her blog!
Until next time, take care! And thanks for dropping in!

Love, Chef Baini.

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