Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mother's Day & Birthday Cupcake Class at Bagus Kota Damansara 18/04/2010

Salam, Dear Friends!

Today's class was on Mother's Day and Birthday Cupcakes.
To make these cupcakes a little special, Chef Baini decided to concentrate on
figurines and funkiness....

After all, we are all artists, deep down inside, correct?
Lets make what we do memorable, and develop our own
unique artistic signature styles!

You may have realised that the pictures are groupings of
each student.....

Though the cupcakes may have kinship in their designs, 
you will notice that each Momma is different!

Of course, Chef Baini must include pictures of how the class went today!
After all, that is Chef Baini's unique blog signature!

Thanks for stopping by friends, until next time! Take care!
Love, Chef Baini.

(P.S. The Babams - Chef Baini's husband - mentioned that 
since Chef Baini now likes to start her blogs in the middle, 
why not try ending the blog in the middle too! 
Whatever! ; )

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