Sunday, June 27, 2010


Salam, Friends!

As you may have guessed, today's class was on Fancy Cookies.
Mind you, it has been quite some time since Chef Baini had a Fancy Cookies Class.
Since today's class was attended mostly by regulars, Chef Baini thought it would be
more appropriate to stress on creativity instead of the basic techniques.

Now let's not get overly fancy and sophisticated, but Chef Baini supposes that you can tell a little bit about the personalities of the people by the way they designed their cookies, wouldn't you agree?

Hey, this ain't no psychology class! 
So we won't spend any time getting into the heads of these guys, yeah?


So first off we have Sue, whom as you know is quite a familiar face to most of us by now.
Sue likes red, and she chose a bright cheery hue of red at that. Somehow, her pieces
seem to have a chrismassy feel to it, don't you think so?

Next we have....


As we can see, Ida opted for an eclectic style.You probably would have guessed 
that these pieces were done by the same person....
(and that's just fine!)

After whom cones....

Kak Zakiah

That couldn't be said of Kak Zakiah's work. The similarities in these
pieces are very obvious! Whichever way is fine, because ultimately 
you have to embrace yourself in your work!

Then there's.....


Wani's touch is a little more playful. Her child-like renditions evoke nostalgia
of an much earlier time, luckily not forgotten....

Notice the care in which she places her accents....

And Chef Baini's Rock n' Roll Grand Aunt.....

 Nenek Timah!!!

You can see why! Though she may be a Grand Aunt, she's no slouch!
She can fancy-up them cookies with the best of them!

 Last but not least is....


Leen's work is consistent. you can figure out her
trademark in the pieces....

Honestly it doesn't matter how you want the pieces to be, but it's
important that you exercise the best of your 
artistic abilities for the added value in your work!

And remember....

Creativity is an on-going process...One never stops learning!

That's all for today, friends!

Love, Chef Baini.

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