Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Salam Friends!

Today Chef Baini taught Sugar Boxes.
As you know, Sugar Boxes are decorative little containers that make great holders for hantarans.
The shape, colour and form of these boxes are up to the imagination of their creators. They are fun and easy to do, for you only have to make 7, 9 or 11 to make a set for hantarans.
Thus they don't take very much time to do.

So for today's blog, Chef Baini will focus on the participants and their accomplishments straight away!
Today's module was 3 flower themes, 1 ribbon theme and 1 baby theme.

Lets get to it, shall we? First, there's.....


Next is.... 
Kak Amy

Of course, then there is....

After her is...
Nenek Timah
(by the way folks, Nenek Timah is Chef Baini's Grand-Aunt! Honest!)

Last but not least is...

Now, what to fill these boxes are anybody's choices.
Some people put in chocolates; Ferrero Roches fit very well.
Some put in sweets, gourmet chocolates,
fancy dates (you know, the ones with the roasted almond embedded within them).

It's up to you!
However, if you were to receive them yourself one day, remember that these are made of sugar, and are therefore edible. Chef Baini recommends crushing them into small, small pieces and sprinkling them with chopped nuts on ice-cream!

Love, Chef Baini.

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