Monday, July 5, 2010


Salam once again, friends!

Today's blog is a first for Chef Baini....

It's her first demo class....

And what's a demo class, you ask?
Well, like the name says. its a demonstration class,
except for Norbaini Cakes, demo classes are free!

Its a half day session at Chef Baini's home, Chef gives free instruction on
two cakes and two cookies...

The cakes are Oreo Cheesecake and Moist Carrot Cake, while the
cookies are Chocolate Oat cookies and Mocha Coconut cookies...
Oh yea, Chef Baini gave away her recipies
for the above-mentioned cakes and cookies too!

Actually, Chef and Co. were quite nervous...they weren't sure
how many people would turn up...

At first, about 20 or so people showed up....

But as the class went on, little by little the numbers grew!
The Babams was worried if Chef and Co. didn't have
enough food ready for today's attendees!
The Babams need not be worried...after all, this is Malaysia,
where few people can go hungry!
Its just not in our culture to let our guests go hungry or thirsty!

So as you can see, the guests we munching away at lunchtime,
and chatting to one another....

So much so that Chef and Co. had time to photograph just one cake
(its the Oreo Cheesecake, by the way)
before the others were eaten away!
The Carrot Cake, Chocolate Oat and Mocha Coconut Cookies were
guzzled away before we had time to reset the camera!

Next time, Chef and Co. will take the pictures as soon as the
cakes are baked! They don't last very long once they
left the oven! Goodness gracious!

Love, Chef Baini!

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