Monday, July 5, 2010

PERSONAL CLASS 27th - 29th JULY 2010

Salam friends!

Today's blog is on Personal Classes. Today's class was for Ms. Cheah Guat Im, from Jitra, Kedah.
Yes, that's right, folks, Ms. Cheah came all the way from there for 3 days to learn as much as she could.
If there ia such a thing as a cake marathon, then Ms. Cheah just ran off with the flag! Lets see what she learned from Chef Baini.....
On the first day, 7 types of biscuits.....
Well, Ramadhan and Hari Raya Aidil Fitri are just two months away,,,

On the second day, Ms. Cheah learned 6 different types of cakes...
including chocolate modelling,,,,

And on the third day she learned how to make fancy cookies...

But here's a surprise! On the second day Kak Susie showed up to learn chocolate
modelling together with Ms.Cheah! So it wasn't such a lonely class after all!

So in the end it was a Muhibbah day!
Or as current times would have it,
a 1Malaysia Day!

That's all for today, friends!
Until next time....
Love, Chef Baini.

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