Friday, July 16, 2010

HOMECLASS - Cookies For Raya

Salam, everyone!

You know Chef Baini's tagline, 'Cakes, Cookies and Everything Nice'
But have you ever read a blog on Chef Baini's cookies class?
No? Well, for good reason!
Because until today, Chef Baini has not done a blog on cookies!
This despite Chef Baini starting her career in the cake business by
making Hari Raya cookies and Kek Lapis over 10 years ago!

So with Ramadhan and Aidilfitri fast approaching, little surprise Chef  Baini
opted to have a class in cookies....
have a look at the cookies that were done....

Not surprisingly, the class went by rather quickly, 
and by 4pm, the class had finished,,,
Well, how difficult do you expect cookies to be?
You just have to get batch mixed right...
Bake it at the right temperature at the correct time...

And before you know it,  it's ready....
Have a gander at the pictures of the students in action!
You can see as well that this time, class was kept relatively clean!
That's all for today, everyone. Thanks for visiting today's blog!

Love, Chef Baini.

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