Sunday, August 1, 2010


 Once again, Salam everyone!

Thank you so much for visiting Chef Baini's blog.
Today's blog will make worth your visit, as today
Chef Baini taught 5 different cakes that she called:
The Delicious Cakes Collection.

 The showcase cake for this class was the
Orange California Cheese Cake 
(see picture below)

Chef Baini's cheesecakes has a minimum of 4 blocks of
Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Nothing less will give
any cheesecake it's unique, creamy texture and richness. 
The OCCC is special because the cheesecake
itself is flavoured with orange that came from 
the orange syrup made from scratch.
The oranges, sliced and boiled with sugar,
eventually become soft enough to eat 
and glaze the cheesecake.

The others were as follows:
1) Prune Chocolate Cake;
 2) Italian Tiramisu;
3) Steamed Fruit Cake, and
4) Nestum &  Date Cake. 
(see picture below)

Surely you can figure out which is which!

The tiramisu is the one on the right, in the plastic box.
(with the sponge fingers or Ladyfingers, as some would call them)
Have no fear, dear readers, for 
Chef Baini's tiramisu is the halal version; without the
Tia Maria, Gran Manier, Kahlua, Drambuie liquor 
or any sort of liquors!

As with the usitas meditor that you have come to expect,
here are pictures of the class in session...
One very important thing about cakes is this...

It's a lot quicker baking them than it is decorating them!
So today's class ended rather quickly and everyone was done by 6 pm!
(Not only that, it was a lot cleaner too!)

That's it for today, friends! 
Again, thanks so much for dropping in!

Love, Chef Baini.

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