Sunday, August 1, 2010


Pastry Basket

Salam once again, dear friends!
You know, with Ramadhan just around the corner, its
 time for everyone of the muslim faith to ready themselves for the
holy month. As with the usitas meditor quod locus mos 
(usual practice and local custom), here in Malaysia and everywhere
else in the muslim world, preparations for the Id are made
even before the arrival of Ramadhan!
Here in Malaysia, the giving of edible gifts to family 
and friends (including non-muslims) is common as grass.

So Chef Baini came up with an idea of making an edible container,
the pastry basket, to case the presents!



It's not rocket science, just good old-fashioned baking
of pastry strips that are woven to form a basket.
The pictures below illustrate just how easy it is done...

Here are pictures of Chef Baini showing her students 
just how it's done...

Then the students have their go at it, 
while Chef Baini oversees them...

The pastry basket class came with a surprise bonus!
Chef Baini also taught  
strawberry and orange tart cookies 
to fill the basket!

Did you actually think for a minute that Chef Baini
was going to teach her students how to make 
just an empty pastry basket?
Of course not!

Chef Baini hopes that you had fun reading
today's blog, as much as she had fun teaching today's class!
That's all for today, friends!
Thanks for dropping in!

Love, Chef Baini.

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