Monday, August 2, 2010


Salam, friends! 

Today's class is a double-header,
a Kebaya Cake and Fancy Cookies Class
at one go!
Now, you may ask: Isn't that a little hard to do,
to run two different class at the same time?
Well, even if it were, Chef Baini wouldn't
want to admit it, now would she?
(Let's see do three types of cakes next time yea! Ha-Ha!)
 Have a look at what her students did today....

Kak Hashimah KT

First is Kak Shimah, who came all the way from
Kuala Terengganu, the Land of the Turtles.....

Chef Baini propounds Kak Shimah's colour combination
with the Black background is quite the standout....
You know, Kak Shimah may look very serious in these pictures,
but off-camera, she can be very lively!


Next is Liza, who hails from these neck of the woods...
She opted for sweet pink and gold flowers highlights...
(Somehow, one can't help but feel that these cake artists
are speaking to us with their cake craft!)


And of course, Azean is also in the thick of it..
She went lavender or lilac with spring blue daisies...
(Again folks, don't let Azean's schoolmarm stare fool you...
she's another live wire as well!)

You know, one of these days, Chef Baini will get The Babams
to secretly tape the goings-on without the students knowledge!
Then you'll get a true picture of these zany ladies!


The Fancy Cookies class is very popular
amongst Chef Baini's Cheffetes 
(Chefettes - is there such a word ?!?)
Most probably because it allows great
freedom of artistic expression...
plus they are quick and simple to do!  
The Babams will tell you that they taste really good, too!

There are two people today that went for the fancy cookies class...

Kak AN
Here's Kak AN, who rolled up her 
sleeves to decorate the cookies....
You know, decorating the cookies and 
the Kebaya Cake are not much different.
It's all in the hands; 
the delicate squeeze on the piping bag,
sometimes by varying the grip by the fingers, 
sometimes by the deft presses of the palm,  
the gentle swivels and twirls 
that guide the icing  on to the cookie/ cake
and the Chefette's Artist's imagination comes to life! 

You know, someone once told
Chef Baini that the icing
must dance on the cake...
that's a 'jiwang' way to describe it!

Kak Hashimah KT

Ta-da!  You guessed it...
Kak Shimah surprised everyone by being today's  
She did fancy cookies too!
(Hmmm...wonder if she's ambidextrous,
or perhaps this is her identical twin!)

It's all in a day's doings at Chef Baini's homeclass!
We hope you had fun reading today's blog!

Take care, and we will see you soon!
Love, Chef Baini,

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