Saturday, August 7, 2010


Salam once again, everyone!
Chef Baini is delighted on present today's blog 
which is on Steamed Buttercream Cakes.
Today was another busy, busy day at Chef Baini's homeclass because
each student had to make not one, not two but three cakes.
Yes, today's class was preparing
three tiered steamed buttercream cake.

What exactly is steam buttercream, you may ask?
Quite simply, its a method of preparing the buttercream 
by way of a hot water bath, or a Bay Marie, 
as the french gastro-culinary jargon goes.

The butter and cream is mixed together in a bowl
on a hot water bath, continuously but not to quickly until the
desired consistency is achieved, it is
then poured over the cake and the cake is 
panned lightly so that the cream spills over gently to
 cover the cake evenly throughout.

Left to settle and cool, it is thereafter decorated once
the buttercream congeals to a workable hardness (or softness).

Lets look at the results of the students' hard work today....

(picture of her cakes below)

Salmah (From Mantin)


Kak Nor

Kak Faridah

Kak Susie


The steamed buttercream is a very delicate material
to work with. It is soft therefore it smears easily.
Extra care must be taken when handling the cake as
you don't want to smudge or smear the buttercream
once it has canvassed the cake.

From the pictures below, you can see the students
diligently working to make their cakes..

One must give credit to where its due...
Chef Baini is very proud of her students'
dedication to is a work ethic that 
will surely lead to distinction!

Its worthwhile to mention that the extra care in handling advice
applies to even when the class is over....
You have to place each cake carefully in
their respective boxes, then move them over to
your car, place them sparingly so that they will
not bump into other things that may
occupy the trunk (or boot) space,
 then drive home safely making
 sure to avoid any potholes on the roads or speedbumps
that may jerk the car upwards suddenly causing
the cakes unwanted dents!

In any case, its always a good idea to drive carefully and safely!
With or without cakes in your car!

That's all for today, friends!

See you next time!

Love, Chef Baini.

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