Saturday, August 7, 2010


Salam once more, dear friends!

Yes, yesterday's blog was on the same subject as today's , 
that it the 3 tiered steamed buttercream cake.

You see, Chef Baini's received too many requests for this
kind of cake so she had to have 2 classes in consecutive days
to accommodate the response to this class!

Chef Baini is none too proud a person that she will be
the first to admit that she learns from her students
as much as her students learns from her.

So much so that today's class went much smoother
and quicker than yesterday's! Chef Baini's husband, 
the Babams, observed this as he dropped in 
at the start and at the end of the class!

After all, teaching and learning is a two-way street!
Here are pictures of the cakes that were produced by
today's batch of students....



Kak Zakiah

Kak Rosniza

Kak Shamia


Kak Ana

You can also put an edible image on your cake,
like Kak Ana has done...


Below are pictures of today's batch of students.....

Notice how the butter and cream is 
mixed together in the Bay Marie...
Its a low flame, too....

See how Suhaila pours the buttercream over the cake
and pans it to it spreads evenly over the cake....

Once the buttercram has cooled and settled down,
the decorations begin!

By now, the hard part is done.
Chef Baini's students are very adept
at decorations, so when this part of the 
class started, so did the usual chatter and banter!

It's a welcome break from the sound of serious silence
that pervaded in the first half of the class!

Girls will be girls, after all!!

(By the way, in case there are any men who happen
to be reading Chef Baini's blogs, please don't 
fall under the false impression that Chef Baini's
classes are for women only! 
Chef Baini's classes are gender blind,
as well as colour blind!
Men are most welcome to attend!
Especially if you can sing like
Micheal Buble! Sigh ...... )

Sshhhh! Girls will be girls, after all!

Love, Chef Baini.

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