Monday, October 11, 2010


Salam once again, dear friends!

Chef Baini is back with her Homeclasses.
Yes, season 2 began today and what 
fitting way to start a new session with
her signature CUPCAKE HANTARAN classes!
In today's class, each student had to do at least
7 different decorations though some did a few more.

Today Chef welcomed 4 new students to her class; first timers who got to sample the Chef Baini Experience for the first time! You know as with all newbies, they tend to be quiet in the beginning, but after the ice was broken, it didn't take very long to hum the din!

Why are cupcakes so popular? Maybe its because its a great way to start
cake decorations; after all, cupcakes are much smaller than the average cake
so they won't take very long to do. Like the saying goes, nice things comes in small packages!

Chef Baini believes in hands-on instruction is the best way
to impart the skills that are required for cake decoration or for baking.
Perhaps that's why Chef Baini limits each class to a maximum 
of 8 students; that way she can give optimize the art of instruction...

Or maybe the studio can fit 9 people maximum at any one time!
(That's 8 students plus 1 Chef)
Whatever the case may be, students can be assured of personal
attention to their needs....

Chef Baini makes sure her students cover all the basics, including making the fondant batter!  
No pre-mix stuff here folks, everything is made from scratch!

Chef Baini also guides her students on the design of the cupcakes; 
the contrast and combination of colors, the placement of primary, secondary and
tertiary elements, scale of elements, highlighting etc.!

So after 6 hours or so or hard work, here are today's bountiful harvest:

 Typically, each homeclass begins at 10.30 in the morning and ends
at 6 in the evening. There is a 1 hour lunch break and lunch is provided.

 There's a tea break at 4.30pm as well. What can you expect
of Malaysians! We can only work for a stretch of 3 hours maximum
where after we must take a break that involves consumption of food and condiments!

Coincidentally, Chef neighbor had a thanksgiving feast for the arrival of her
first grandchild, so naturally food was plentiful!

Chef Baini was very pleased at how this class turned out.
If you had seen the Disney movie Ratatouille, you'll remember the tagline
by Chef Gusteau that is : "Anyone can cook!"
Well, that is certainly the creed of Chef Baini too, which is:

"Anyone can cupcake!"

Now that may not be grammatically correct, but after all,
This is Malaysia! 
The English language here is, well, er..more flexible!

Until the next post, thanks for dropping in!

Love, Chef Baini.

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