Monday, October 11, 2010


Salam once again, dear friends!

Today's blog post is about  Malia, a dear friend and student of 
Chef Baini who is about to embark on the Haj. Today is the first
day of the Haj season and already the Malaysian News Channels
are reporting that the first batch of pilgrims from Malaysia have arrived
safely in the holy land. Alhamdullillah!
Very soon, Insya'allah, Malia will join them, 
fulfilling the fifth pillar of Islam!

To celebrate her impending pilgrimage, Chef Baini, her mom and 2 other friends
Kak Rohaya and Ida, bundled in  Ida's MPV and 
headed south to Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, nearly 2 hours away.

Along the way Chef and company got lost...twice, as a matter of fact!
The second time they landed in the Giant Hypermarket clearing house 
in the middle of a huge palm oil estate, also in the middle of another nowhere!

Good thing the trip was in the afternoon and not at night!

Two beauties beyond compare; One a beauty queen, one a stewardess. Can you guess which is which?

is a very determined person; she is undaunted on 
starting a cake business in her town! Hats off to her for not being
able to see obstacles, only challenges!

Its customary in Malaysia to have a thanksgiving feast to celebrate
a pilgrimage for the Haj, so these ladies were all too glad to
make a little pilgrimage of their own to  Malia's place!

Here are the fancy cookies that Malia sells at the homeshoppe!

Just what did she serve for the feast? Why, genuine Kelantanese fare!
Home made, too! Including desserts, as expected!
Chef had a dandy old time, and we all wish Malia safe journey; may Allah SWT blessings fall favorably on her pilgrimage. Godspeed, dear friend! We will see you when you return, Hajjah! 

Love as always,

Chef Baini

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