Saturday, October 23, 2010


Welcome to today's blog post, everyone!

Today's class is another Pastry Basket and although this confection is relatively new in Chef Baini's portfolio, it has become very popular as Chef Baini has received many, many requests for this class.
As you would expect, Chef Baini is only too happy to oblige. She is jubilant that new latest confection creation has been well received by the fondant fraternity.

Kneading the dough by hand, the old fashioned way........

Only this time, Chef Baini improved the delivery of her class, so it ended a whole lot quicker than the first. Surely there is always room for improvement and Chef Baini is definitely no exception.

Weaving the strands delicately...there's no shortcut to this, just good old hard work....
 That's not to say that this bunch did not have fun; quite the contrary they had maybe a little too much. But then again, Chef Baini understands the brevity undermines the labour and the labourer. When you're enjoying what you do, the work although tedious is never a chore! It transforms into a labour of love!

Now the Pastry Basket is a vessel for pineapple tarts, for instance. Or you can use any other kind of cookies, or maybe even chocolates; Ferrero Rocher is always a popular choice!

Chef Baini does not believe in dictating or insisting what goes in the basket. Students are always free to modify what they learnt here at NORBAINI CAKES. To do so may invite some peril but where can there be gain if there were to be no risk! Never be afraid to experiment, never be afraid to fail.

Here are pictures of today's students' work...

You may notice the high quality craftsmanship that is self-evident. Notice also that the quality is very consistent among all of them. Just goes to show the student's level of expertise....

 Chef Baini wants to experiment with her blog every now and then as well. For today's blog, Chef Baini wants to place the student's portrait together with their work. It's Chef Baini's way of acknowledging her students individually and indirectly recording her appreciation of their patronage.

However, Chef Baini isn't sure that everyone will like this, thus she decided to try out with two of her regulars who are very sporting and have no qualms whatsoever on being high-profiled.....

Especially this one below! She makes the entire state of Johore proud!

If you would like to have your portrait individually featured, just let Chef Baini know the next time you attend her homeclass. Its a new service provided to all students at no extra charge! 

As with the new 'Sign-off Banner' below! Thanks for visiting today's blog post!

Chef Baini's new sign-off banner. Do you like it?

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