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Today's blog post welcome banner featuring the building where today's event was held.

Like Chef Baini promised in a recent blog post, today we feature the continuation of the introductory course that was held at the Department of Youth and Sports, Kuala Lumpur for the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia. Part I was held last week, so today Chef Baini and Chef Rohaya were back at the same venue. In case you are wondering where this facility is, its this striking building along Jalan Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. You may have seen it on some TV advertisements. It is a multipurpose sports and recreational facility that is open to the public. It even has rooms to rent for accomodation (jist like a hotel) plus seminar and meeting rooms as well. You and everyone else can visit and use any of the facilities there but unless you live in the neighbourhood, chances are that you wouldn't be aware of its existence nor availability!

Chef Baini had to prepare a module for today's course, just like the previous one. However, Chef Baini was surprised and amused that the participants wanted to add pizza as a subject! Why was Chef Baini amused? Because pizzas are very, very easy to make! One might have imagined that no such instruction would be necessary but since her participants wanted it, Chef was only too happy to oblige. So without further ado, class started right on the dot:

Here Chef Baini demonstrates the craft of baking in her usual people friendly style...

Oh yeah! Today's class also included a brief closing ceremony and speeches by the boss and her assistant bosses. It's a first for Chef Baini (and Chef Rohaya too!) to be part of such a formalised event! Thankfully, everyone were cool about it and it became the highlight of the day!

There is the Big Boss and the assistant bosses giving speeches. Surely you can figure out which is which!

The participants busy taking down notes and pointers from Chef Baini
The subjects were simple and popular delicious cakes plus homemade cookies too. Here are pictures of what the participants produced:
Chef Baini's module  included packaging as well. Its not enough to know how to make delicious foods to package and brand it also!
This is Chef Baini's signature cake: THE MOIST CHOCOLATE CAKE that Chef Baini gets the most orders from among her portfolio of cakes.
This is Chef Baini's new and popular cake THE OREO COOKIE CHOCOLATE CAKE. Its very well received by Chef Baini's customers too.
And by special request: THE 1MALAYSIA PIZZA!

Jokes aside, people; this is one delicious savoury treat! The pizza sauce recipe is one made by the original inventors of pizza all the way from Italy authored OVER TWO THOUSAND YEARS ago, going back to the time of Augustus Ceasar! So naturally Chef Baini downloaded it from the internet and modified it to suit the Malaysian palette, Ha-Ha!
Here is Puan Hatifah, the Head of the Department of Youth & Sports Kuala Lumpur ( a.k.a the Big Boss!) and her assistant Puan Rani (a.k.a. the Boss Junior!) inspecting today's bounty! Now you may ask: Er, Chef Baini, how come you're so daring to give these senior government officers a little ribbing? Why, since they are from the Department of Youth and Sports, you can be assured they are very sporting, hee-hee!
Like always, all too quickly the event came to its end. Then the fun part really began: The Certificate Giving Ceremony! Please forgive us as our excitement really shows: our hands were trembling when Chef Baini and Chef Rohaya took pictures of one another receiving the certificates!

 In a reciprocal spirit, Chef Baini presented souvenirs to both Puan Hatifah and Puan Rani in appreciation of their kindness for inviting Chef Baini to conduct the course per se.

Like you would expect, a group photo to mark the occasion on such a numerical date - 20.10.2010 -  is a must! So everyone huddled closely wearing their best smiles for the photo opportunity!

Definitely a keepsake; a must for the album!

So that ends today's blog post....thank you so much for dropping by, please visit us again. 
Like you would expect, Chef Baini's blog post always ends with:

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