Friday, October 29, 2010


Welcome to today's blog post which is on pastry basket making!

It looks like many people are getting the pastry basket bug. Chef Baini is delighted to have more and more of this class as the results seems better and better every time! Maybe one day Chef Baini will have to open another blogspot just for pastry baskets! Well, maybe not!

Today's class had 5 students so naturally everyone decided to get less formal. Grouping closely together and helping one another has become the norm here at Chef Baini's homeclasses. No need to mention all the girl talk that comes together with the camaraderie!

Some of us just can't help it....working just like their mums and grandmums! Working on the floor is preferred over a table. Its very folksy; though it may look uncomfortable to those of us that aren't used to it, once you do there's no other way to do it!

Below is a montage of the steps of 'weaving' a pastry basket. Interlacing  the strands of dough over the mold and coating it with egg yolk is as easy as it looks. Once that is completed, its ready for the an hour in the oven on a slow bake...

Now you don't really need a fancy-schmancy double oven for this. A standalone mid-sized oven will suffice. The basket's handle is mounted on the basket after the both of them are baked, so it won't take very much room in the oven's chamber....Just pop it in, set the temperature and leave it alone for an the meantime, take a break to watch TV or something....

But first, if you happen to have animal pets roaming in your kitchen, please remove them from the kitchen immediately! Live animals and human food do not mix! Hygiene and cleanliness are very, very important  in the process of cooking and baking. Generally, chefs take their work with utmost seriousness....

So please, no horsing around in the kitchen!!!

Because if you are serious in your work, you will definitely get results like these:

Uh, Sis Lea requested a glamour montage for her own.... Never mind-lah, layan aje!

So that's it for today's post, people. Now we get to the part where Chef Baini signs off. For today's post however, Chef Baini wants to let her daughter Jannah sign off on her behalf. You know that Jannah wants to follow her mother's footsteps....Thus its very possible that one day Jannah will have her own blogspot. To prepare Jannah for that day, Chef Baini will let Jannah sign off. 

Okay Jannah...are you ready?....

Oops! I think Jannah's just a little nervous! Good try, though!


Chef Baini

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