Tuesday, October 26, 2010


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Yes, its another one of Chef Baini's popular homeclass subjects: the Kebaya Cake. Despite one of the participants canceling at the last minute, Chef Baini proceeded with the class with only 3 students. Not to fret, though. Chef Baini was then able to pay extra attention to today's students and hope to get better results. Surely!

But this time, Chef Baini wants to save a little time and blog space by getting straight to the point and skip all of the class-in-session pictures. You've probably seen enough of those already!

For today's class, Chef Baini added a new twist to her module:
Today's Kebaya Cake class will emphasize the sleeves and their folds. Plus each cake will have their own label as a mark of the artist that created it.

Its all for the extra added-value effect!

First up there is  Kak Ju.
This is a special lady. For her label, she insisted on having her beloved husband's name instead of hers. Awww!  Mr. Abdul Ghani is one very lucky, lucky man!
From the picture below, you can see the sleeves with the exaggerated folds.

Next up is Syazleen.

 Syazleen is an entrepreneur in her own right. She wants to add her brand 'SMILE CAKES' next to her name wherever and whenever! Way to go, girl! She's a real go-getter! As you would expect, she labels hers with her brand, instead of her name.

Last but not least we have Nusaibah.

 Nusaibah did hers a tad different; she opted for a dark colour for her cake. Now the colour's hue may hide the intended folds, thus defeating the purpose of today's class. But take a look below. The sheen on folded sleeve catches and bends light more effectively than the other two, resulting in a more pronounced efect. Chef Baini congratulates Nusaibah on her artistic vision! Well done!

Well, we've come to the end of the blog. Short but sweet. Honestly, what would you expect when there are only 3 students. Especially when they are experts too! See you soon, friends!

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