Monday, November 15, 2010


Welcome once more to Norbaini Cakes!
Chef Baini is delighted, as always, to have you visit her humble blog. Today, a feeling of deja vu hits the bones as another chocolate modelling class follows the last class at Chef Baini's home. Oh, in case you're wondering why there is a few days' gap from the last class, its because the last weekend (6 & 7 of November) Chef Baini decided to take a short break and not have any classes. For a change, Chef & family went to the park, caught a movie and generally goofed around. But chocolate happiness immediately ensued and so this past Tuesday the 9th of November, another small group of chocolateers dropped in to learn chocolate modelling.

No, this isn't really a picture of Chef Baini's home, but it sure feels like it when chocolate happiness spreads around! You will know, of course, that chocolate contains a certain chemical that releases the happy hormones that make us feel good. Chocolate Therapy, as some people call it; Chef Baini wonders how long it will take before somebody opens up a Chocolate Spa!

Since its only been a few days from the last blog entry; notwithstanding on the same subject, lets skip the details and get straight to see this batch of participants having a go at making chocolate roses et al.

First up, there's Kak Yan....

Next, there's Saiba (my, doesn't she look happy!)...She's got a brilliant smile, don't you think so?

Finally, the third Chocolateer for today is Zai.....

So lets see how they did....

Chef Baini thinks the Three Chocolateers did splendidly! As this was the second chocolate modelling class in a row, everyone was done by 3pm. Fabulous! And that included the lunch break, too!

Now it wouldn't be a Norbaini Cakes blogpost if it didn't include a compendium of step-by-step pictures of the chocolate making process, would it? So here it is....Believe it or not, its as easy as it looks!

Now you can go too town with the edible gold paint, which someone did! Won't say who, though! Can you imagine eating gold chocolate roses? How's that for decadence!

Before you know it, class ended and its one of those rare days when the class ended well before the sun set! Thank you all for visiting today, dear friends; its always a pleasure to have you visit Norbaini Cakes. See you again, and very soon!

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