Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Salam, Everyone!

Welcome to another Norbaini Cakes blog post! Today's subject is chocolate modelling, that is, making flowers, leaves and vines out of chocolate to dress up your chocolate cake. Just like people, cakes also must dress up in order to look good, just like the fashionable looking business people in the welcome banner above! Even the car - a 1957 Ford Thunderbird - (some of you may remember it from the 1979 Grease Movie) looks great and beckons you to step inside to take it for a spin. First impressions count for a lot and we first eat with our eyes. If it looks good, then it should taste good as well. 

Think of it this way: A well presented cake that is pleasing to the eye is an invitation to eat!

Today's class had just 3 students, but these were experts. Today's class was just about modelling, so Chef Baini skipped the baking the cake part. Today's participants already knew how to bake a oreo chocolate cake, and bake it well!

First up, we have  AIN....

Look at how AIN emphasizes the flowers in her creation..straight line centre, with a gold accents on the edge of the petals and leaves.

Next up is KAK ITA....some of you may know her, as she is a veteran in the cake business...

As you can see, KAK ITA is very elaborate in her creation. Roses and Ribbons and little gold beads, all strategically placed where she wanted them to be...

Not to be outdone is SIS LEA; whom, by the way, came from from Ipoh to be here today...

See how SIS LEA designed her creation as a centrepiece; it looks the same from any angle. Of course, its easier since the cake is round in it's shape!

You'd expect it by now...any class with SIS LEA in it must have a separate visual featuring you-know-who!

Class was done by 3pm...which is great for SIS LEA as she has a 2 hour journey back home on the North-South Highway! But before going home, SIS LEA insisted on a picture with KAK ITA! Well, as the saying goes, "If thou insist, I shall not resist!".

That's all for today, dear friends!  
Chef Baini hopes you enjoyed reading today's blog, 
and looking at the cakes that were done by today's students.

Until next time, which should be very soon!

Love always,

Chef Baini.

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