Wednesday, November 17, 2010


 Salam once again, everyone!

 Chef Baini hopes you have a great holiday. If you are a fellow Muslim, Chef Baini hopes that you enjoyed the Eidul Adha with your family and loved ones. If you not a Muslim but a Malaysian, then chances are you took the opportunity to enjoy a holiday in the mid-week. If you are neither, then Chef Baini hopes you had a great day anyway!

Today's blog post is a return to basics: that is, no cartoon-ish graphics, just honest-to-goodness pictures of real people doing real things. That is the theme for today's blog post, because the class today was on the basics of cake decorations which is for the cupcake! Chef Baini started out making cupcakes, remember?

Today's class is also a new beginning of sorts for Chaf Baini. She held her class at a new locale, and met a few new people at the same time. Chef Baini loves meeting new people. Sometimes they bring with them something totally unexpected. Thus today's class offered a new approach to cupcaking*: simple flowers on white cupcakes.

{Sideline: * Luckily for Chef Baini, here in Malaysia there is no official governmental agency that is authorised by legislature over the use and abuse of the English language. Unlike Bahasa Malaysia, which is the national language, there is the Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka (Language and Cultural Guild) that is the legal custodian of the national language. For English, an equivalent agency does not exist. So You-Know-Who won't get into trouble! You-Know-Who simply loves malapropisms! A malapropism, as you all will know, is an Apropism that is Made-In-Malaysia, ha ha!}

Ahem, anyway, back to the blog.....

Chef Baini never tires of the hands-on approach to teaching. That way she can be positive that her students fully understands the craft of baking and cake decorating....If you were the student, wouldn't you want it that way too?

It seems that a preferred tool for learning nowadays is the camera phone, in addition to pen and paper! Next time you go to a class, any class, not just Chef Baini's, look around and see if this is true!

From the picture below, you can see the portfolio of flowers that was today's subject of the class...

That's all for today, dear friends. Chef Baini hopes that you've enjoyed reading today's blog. Until next time, take care! Take care of yourself and your loved ones!


Chef Baini.

> In case you've noticed that You-Know-Who used to be call himself the You-Know-What, its most probably because You-Know-Who is a big fan of the Harry Potter movie franchise, as is Chef Baini. So if by chance you want to know (that's a big IF, by the way) where You-Know-Who will be this weekend, well, You-Know-Who who used to be You-Know-What will be You-Know Where, and You-Know-Why! There's no magic trick to it!


  1. assallamualaikum chef baini, i'm very proud and fasinated with your works on cakes deco.i just jumpa yr blog a few min ago and i notice u do take classes for beginners. Is it possible for an aged person like me to start taking up your course on cake decorating?

  2. Those are really lovely! Girls would definitely love your design. It's very feminine and candid, just perfect for the celebration..