Friday, November 19, 2010


Salam once again, dear friends!

Today's blog post is one that Chef Baini is very pleased to share with all of her friends, for today's post showcases Chef Baini's work that is currently published in an award-winning local magazine! Yes, its the December 2010 issue of SAJI, which is now available at most news stands and bookshops throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Chef Baini recalls starting to read this magazine over 10 years ago when she first ventured selling cakes and cookies for Eidul Fitr. Today, she can count this widely read monthly as one that published her work!

The cover of this month's issue is tinged with a gentle hue of pink, and Chef Baini finds it most appropriate! The page where the table of contents is places a highlight that is Chef Baini's work. Can you guess which one?

If had guessed the wedding cake, you would be right! You see, about two months ago, the magazine contacted Chef Baini about doing a spread on her works. It came as a pleasant surprise and naturally, as you can guess, the whole family is excited over the prospect of seeing Mom in the magazine. What else can Chef Baini do but say yes!

As you know, December is the end of the year school holidays and here in Malaysia, it means wedding season as well. SAJI magazine wanted to feature wedding related features and this issue hosted a few wedding related business from wedding planners to caterings to fruit carvings to costumes to platforms and dais to cakes and gifts; in short, the whole enchilada!

If this had been Mexico instead of Malaysia, then the magazine probably would have featured enchiladas as well! Weddings cakes are the showpiece of the occasion and Chef Baini is honoured to have been selected to display her creations for the wedding cakes segment.

So here is the spread, on pages 60 and 61:

Chef Baini hopes to see in the near future one or more of her friends' work finding their way to print! Too bad the scanned pages do not show the intricate details of the cakes; Chef Baini hopes to get the Jpegs from the magazine quickly so that she can publish them in her blog; that way you can better appreciate the fine details and textures that characterize the cakes.


Well, this isn't the first of Chef Baini's publishments; last year Chef Baini was also featured in NUR magazine. But because that was before the NORBAINI CAKES blog came about, that spread never saw publication here. So for the benefit of all our friends, here is the spread from that magazine, the September 2009 issue.

As you can see below. the feature was on cookies for Eidul Fitr. The two page spread had cookies and their recipes that were contributed by Chef Baini. Well, to be precise, Norbaini Rahwi because at that time, she wasn't known as Chef Baini yet!

That's all for today, dear friends! Thank you for visiting today's blog post. Maybe there will be another blog post on another publication in the near future, who knows? ; )

Until next time,

Love always,

Chef Baini.

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