Thursday, December 23, 2010

BLOGPOST PRESS RELEASE! 22nd December 2010

Norbaini Cakes is proud 
to announce the launching 
of their latest product:


Salam, dear friends!

Chef Baini is proud to announce her latest creation the Sirih Junjung Wedding Cake, believed to be Malaysia's first of a kind! The Sirih Junjung (Sirih - Malay for Betel leaves) is ensemble of betel leaves in a vertical tower and it is commonly used as a gift when the intention is to marry. So at engagement and wedding ceremonies, the Sirih Junjung is usually the first among many gifts intended for the bride or groom.

Long before there were chewing gum or cigarettes, traditionally men and women chewed betel leaves when chatting or discussing anything of importance or just plain gossiping. It has come to symbolise friendly intentions, so whenever Malaysians show up at your door bearing betel leaves, it means that they come in peace with friendly intentions.

So if the host accepts the gift and starts munching on the Betels, it means that the guests are welcome and their intentions are well received! So Chef Baini decided to experiment and create a cake with similar intentions and hope that her client would receive her order gladly! And you know what. it was! Thank you to Kak Habsah, who has faith in Chef Baini's abilities despite never having seen one such cake before!

The wedding was graced at a new hall at Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur. It was quite a show, complete with special effects,  fog and all! The Babams was half-expecting Adam Lambert to show up and sing!

Thank you, Kak Habsah and family, and  congratulations on a well executed wedding reception. Next time Chef Baini & Co. get an invitation from her, they will be sure to bring along a camera! That's right, the Babams did actually forget! Guess he was thinking about the delicious food that was served to all!

Thank you for visiting today's blog, dear friends!
See you next time!

Love, Chef Baini.

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