Wednesday, December 22, 2010


 Salam Once More, Dear Friends!

(Pillowcake Homeclass 11th December 2010)

Yes, winter is upon us and the yuletide cheer is here! Here at Norbaini Cakes' Winter Log Cabin, its chilly whenever the brisk winter breeze gusts from between the woods. You may say to yourself, since when does it snow in December in Malaysia? The answer is whenever someone opens the magic wardrobe in the attic that transports you the storied kingdom of Narnia! Chef Baini has discovered that the blogspot need not be rooted in Malaysia, it can travel to magical lands as well!

Chef Baini begins today's blog post with another poem by Robert Frost. It's called 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening', and it's probably his most famous poem of all. The poem tells of a traveler whom stops for a little while on his journey to his destination in order to admire the falling snow on a grove. Lost in Nature's beauty, he suddenly remembers his obligations when his horse shakes her bells, and so flicks the reins and continues on his journey while reminding himself of the promises that he has to keep.

Lately, Chef Baini has been very busy not just with work but with other obligations of a filial and personal nature; nevertheless, Chef Baini has promises to keep: promises to all her friends, students and customers. That promise is to give the best professional service possible and to constantly strive to improve herself in order to give her best to all her cherished friends. This poem is a constant reminder to Chef Baini of all the people who have made her journey possible; horse, sleigh and bells!

Today at Norbaini Cakes' Winter Log Cabin, 7 travelers braved the snow to learn about pillow cakes: Saibah. Kak Ju, Yantie, Kak Darina, Zu, Kak Leen and Zira. Where are their horses and sleighs? Why, out in the yard on a carpet of snow, of course!

 Within the cozy confines of Chef's cabin, this are what they hatched.....

All too soon the seven had to go, for they all have promises of their own to keep. Chef Baini is glad because today, she has managed to keep her promise to seven of her friends. Though none made promises to return, Chef Baini is certain of seeing them again. While it may be cold outside, its always warm inside; inside the cabin and inside the heart too!

Thank you for visiting today;s blog post, dear friends! 
Until next time. take care and love always,
Chef Baini

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