Saturday, December 4, 2010


Salam once again, dear friends!

If you watch TV, you may have seen reruns of some old TV series on the local channels....Well, one of Chef Baini's favourite shows is The Waltons (this programme was shown in the 70's, before colour TV was introduced in Malaysia. It features the trials and tribulations of a family that lived in Virginia. Chef Baini remembers very well the hunky lead character John-Boy Walton, played by Richard Thomas. The TV series was a spin-off from a movie called Spencer's Mountain, released in 1963 starring Henry Fonda and Maureen O'Hara. Being in a nostalgic mood, Chef Baini thought she might open today's graphic that reminiscences the Virginian countryside.

The people of Virginia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Vermont i.e. in the region of the Appalachian mountains have something in common with Malaysians: They love to show off their food because food is one of the apogees of their culture, their way of life. Chef Baini is sure many of us can relate to this. Whenever guests show up in our homes, the first thing we do is offer them food and drink. For special occasions, we take the extra trouble to make the food extra presentable in keeping with the occasion.

And so it is with the pillowcake, a very popular presentation cake that has caught the fancy of many people. It isn't that difficult to make really, see for yourself:

Some people might say "Why show the step-by-step process? Then people might figure out how to make it and have no need to attend your class." Well, Chef Baini believes in sharing knowledge for the common good. Its a fundamental tenet of education which will bring about greater benefit to all, not just a few.

Take a look at one of Chef Baini's friend's blog. Check out'll see that this incredible lady shares everything with her friends: not only does she list the recipes, she shows pictures of every step of the process....painstakingly tedious work to put in a blog and all for free. Chef Baini certainly took a leaf from her friend Mari...she is Spanish, by the way, so please set google translate to English if you want to read her blog.

Today's ladies are experts at cake making. Check out their work and see......

Pretty good, huh? Notice the sheen on the cake; it imitates the sheen of vinyl material of cushions....

So today's Hall of Fame are as follows... First is the Jitra Jane, Ms. Cheah...

Next up is Naz...

Followed by Kak Ema....

Remember: YOU LOSE NOTHING BY SHARING. For if you share, you will flower in the most adverse of situations, very much like an oasis in a desert. Many will come your way and all will benefit in some form or another.

See you soon, dear friends!

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